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February 10th, 2013

11:28 pm - desperate
ugh. livejournal. i am desperate to write. something. anything. i can't find any writer groups in santa barbara. ha. go back 10 years and i write about not finding fly hunnies in sb. now it's writer groups. but serious. where are the poets, personal essayists, screenwriters... all wannabes of course. but where are these people? and ones who are not 60. this is whiny. good.

remember when the internet was centered around livejournal? when it was a hive of teenage, unsure, narcissistic minds - interconnected by a series of tubes (internet reference).  it allowed strangers a direct connection to ones brain - or at least he part of the brain we wanted to share with others. many friends found me that way, many of them have disappeared since (no biggie). but i miss the sense of writing. the word choices, the interspersed images (soccer metaphors), the random comment by either someone you didn't care if they commented OR by the people who were on your short list of OH MAN I LOVE WHEN THEY COMMENT. it wasn't really that short of a list. but it was a list none the less.

going back into livejournal is always a dicey preposition. not too different from wading through a bunch of dusty photo albums at your parents house, or starting up an old computer that has a zip disk drive and finding a zip disk full of old work. the livejournal holds odd moments and heart skips and daily stylelogs and the stuff that populated my brain at the end of the day - or the middle of the day - or heck at the beginning of the day.

i even used livejournal in college... in 2003...2004... to go back to old posts... 2003...2002.... to find inspiration for poems. find moments from san diego comic con - sneaking into a hotel swimming pool, eating in n out in a soccer mom van driven by a 17 year old, acting like we are important and cool and awesome. we were. it's true. other moments like me being totally lost in florence - unable to eat or dream without thinking about SOMEONE or SOMETHING engulfing me with fear... the fear of the earth swallowing me up everything I stepped outside. Looking at frescos of hell all day in art history didn't help this.

did you know myspace still exists?
Current Music: jonathan richman - the baltimores

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December 25th, 2012

04:02 pm - xmas 2012
game of thrones STARK hoodie
moneyball bluray
scott pilgrim color reissue vol 1 and 2
star wars lego (3 sets)
batman lego visual dictionary
whiffleball and bat

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December 25th, 2011

09:29 pm - xmas tradition 2011
posting my xmas loot on lj is a ten year old tradition, guess i should keep it up huh....

the biggie this year was a playstation 3 from my amazing wife.
my parents got me MLB the Show 11 and Scott Pilgrim bluray.
I also got 2 lego sets (star wars lego, of course)
a Star Wars Lego minifig book
Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook
a scale for baking
and a super awesome Powell Peralta shirt!

Ashleigh got a bunch of cool things
like a keurig coffee maker!
and a slow cooker!!!
and a Carcassonne extension (traders & builders and River 2)
Apples to Apples! woo!
a zesters! sword and the stone dvd!

so much fun. always a good time, that xmas day is... even better is that HOME is only 15 min away and now we are playing with our toys, cuddling our cats, and just chilling out.

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December 25th, 2010

01:33 pm - xmas 2010
its that time of year again. the yearly lj update. ha. seriously, i should try to do this again. just as a writing exercise. not sure anyone would read it, but do it for me. you know? me!

anyways, lets keep this short for now. more later. this is what i got for xmas:

roku xd
authentic mexican cookbook by rick bayliss
good stuff cookbook by spike mendleson
some really nice reef sandals
nice volcom fleece-line zip up hoodie
carcassone add-on: Inns and Cathedrals (but i left the main game back in LA, darn)
Star Wars Lego visual dictionary
small Star Wars Lego set
cast iron tortilla press

i think thats it but lots of stuff i wanted so hooray! and ashleigh got some stuff she wanted too but a few doubles haha. i made cinnamon rolls and we also had the egg dish and apple pizza, as per usual. soon: tamales.

ok, seriously. im gonna post more later. serious. for me.

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May 2nd, 2010

02:18 pm - Bikes in the Desert

Bikes in the Desert, originally uploaded by Es3documents.


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December 25th, 2009

11:13 pm - xmas post 2009
every year (except 2001 when i started LJ i think?) i posted what i got for xmas.... so here we go!

the force unleashed wii game (late bday present)
john from Cincinnati dvd set (i think i might have been the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who asked for this for xmas...)
3 sets of legos (2 star wars, 1 indy jones)
a rad sweatshirt
nice shirt
gamecube controller

that might be everything.
i say this every time but post but i need to get in the habit of writing more. lots is going on and i need to get some thoughts out there.... like how good the tamales were... how pretty sb is.... the wiffleball game tomorrow... stuff like that. so yeah! but this is all for now.... oh i cant imagine spending xmas without ashleigh... we spent it together the last 2 years i think and this was the 3rd. i cant imagine it any other way so yay... good thing i married her... haha

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September 15th, 2009

09:48 am - bored to death, not the tv show
ive been really bored lately. there has been some excitement, but overall... boring. i've been reading a lot but ever since finishing Homicide (aka BEST BOOK EVER) Gomorrah (whcih i was suppppper excited to read) has been kinda boring. It's not bad by any means, but it's translated from italian and has a funky kind of style to it. and lots and lots of similes haha. Not quite the perfection of the prose of David Simon. Oh well.

Saturday was pretty fun though, aside from being late and hitting razy traffic. Jenn got some really great portraits of Ashleigh and I can't wait to help set up her new site. I also wish I lived in Santa Ana. I mean, not really... I'm not sure I can live in OC (maybe?) but man, Jenn's place is SO NICE and SO BIG and the same price we pay for a 1BR here... and her complex has ducks! and blue water! hahaha

You always know it's bad times when you get really, really excited about the FedEx guy making a viist. Saturday when we got home we found a "we missed you!" tag on our door from FedEx Home Delivery (waht exactly is the difference?!). I have NO idea what it could be and of course my dreams run wild - a tv! but why would someone ship us a tv and me not know about it? I waited all day monday.. waiitng... excited.. hoping... and it never came! Then i realized it said on the note that FedEx Home Deliver (FEHD from here on out) doesn't deliever on mondays! And I looked up the "Door Tag" number and it said it's 5 pounds and was shipped from Sun Valley , CA... THE MYSTERY CONTINUES!!!!

I turned down going to a dodger game last nigth because i was too tired and cant afford the $15 to park. I got my last unemployement checck but i am expecting my 2nd extension to start but its that limbo time between getting the last check and waiting for the letter to say "ok, extended!"... whcih I hope i get.. um.. soon. Because while I really want a job, I really don't want to work at like.. trader joes again and never see ashleigh or baseball or friends (which i do ALL THE TIME).

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September 10th, 2009

08:42 am - nards and cards
i really want to write about my honeymoon here... just to write down and review all the places we saw and went to eat. yes, it may be painful for you to read (and me to re-read) btu i think it would be cool. of course, these big "projects" never get done but its good to want to do them, right?

In other news, I've finally started to hit up the Culver City library in the last few months. I just finished reading Homicide by David Simon. It's one of those "could be great could be boring" kind of books that was AMAZING and not boring at all. incredibly well written in an engaging yet elevated way. super interesting characters, lots of humor.... one of the most enjoyable books i've read for a long time. Next up on my list is Gomorrah, about the Napoli mafia. Woo.

Other books I've read so far this summer:
Manhunt (the one about Lincoln's assassination)
Generation Kill
Kitchen Confidential (By Anthony Bourdain)
A Cooks Tour (also by Bourdain... both books are pretty fantastic! i learned a lot and they werent cheeseball or anything. legit, real reading)
There are most definitely more but I just cant think of it at the moment. Reading is great. I hate how I read in waves....

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September 7th, 2009

11:26 am - re-up
like most livejournals, mine has been sitting stagnet. hardly anyone ever posts and even few seem to visit. it's an easy thing to ignore and i've been pretty busy so i've ignored it. but it's kind of a shame that large chunks of my life are not written down. so i'm going to try to do it more.

things that happened in hte last year:
I got married
went to kauai for honeymoon and want to move there
started a blog at http://booyamix.blogspot.com that I post a daily music video and a monthly mix cd
school has been sucking, as usual but i'm getting close to the finish line.

yesterday, i spent the day straining myself, trying to spit out 15 script pages for my writers group on thursday (our deadline is sunday at midnight). it was a struggle (as I don't really have an outline, wasn't even sure what i wanted the "bad guy" to be, and had my previous polished and done script get rejected from two screenplay contests in the first round.. not a lot of confidence there). but i ultimately got it done. not hte best 15 pages, but 15 pages none the less.

my cat bobby has been having ear problems. a few weeks ago his ear puffed up and we found out it was a hematoma. we had it drained but it came back within a few hours. so we had the surgery in which they clean it out and restitch it but after a few days the stitches came out and it came back. now the stitches are on much better but they had to redo the surgery. huge pain. but recently, i have been only leaving the house at the bare minimium (groceries, class once a week, writers workshop every 2 weeks) and i have been finding myself with a real close (and crazy cat lady-like) connection with my cats.

that is all for now. hopefully i won't wimp out on posting more often.
Current Music: Quiero Que Me Quieras by Gael Garcia // Slough Jams 9/2009

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June 30th, 2009

10:12 am - microupdate
getting married friday. going to Kauai from sunday to monday. still have a giant assignment (and a smaller group assignment) due in about five hours. my super nice, just over a year old (and out of warranty) imac has stopped working, i think its the hard drive. things are pretty stressful as you might guess. if i make it thru today, i'm cool thou.

everyone, in the meantime, should check out my new blog. every month i post a new "BOOYA" mix. there's some great stuff so you should check it out. i've posted a few here before but this is the new go to place:


The June one will be a bit late, due to.. well everything above (and the fact I lost half of my mp3s). now back to my homework.

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