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re-up - AJ!

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September 7th, 2009

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11:26 am - re-up
like most livejournals, mine has been sitting stagnet. hardly anyone ever posts and even few seem to visit. it's an easy thing to ignore and i've been pretty busy so i've ignored it. but it's kind of a shame that large chunks of my life are not written down. so i'm going to try to do it more.

things that happened in hte last year:
I got married
went to kauai for honeymoon and want to move there
started a blog at http://booyamix.blogspot.com that I post a daily music video and a monthly mix cd
school has been sucking, as usual but i'm getting close to the finish line.

yesterday, i spent the day straining myself, trying to spit out 15 script pages for my writers group on thursday (our deadline is sunday at midnight). it was a struggle (as I don't really have an outline, wasn't even sure what i wanted the "bad guy" to be, and had my previous polished and done script get rejected from two screenplay contests in the first round.. not a lot of confidence there). but i ultimately got it done. not hte best 15 pages, but 15 pages none the less.

my cat bobby has been having ear problems. a few weeks ago his ear puffed up and we found out it was a hematoma. we had it drained but it came back within a few hours. so we had the surgery in which they clean it out and restitch it but after a few days the stitches came out and it came back. now the stitches are on much better but they had to redo the surgery. huge pain. but recently, i have been only leaving the house at the bare minimium (groceries, class once a week, writers workshop every 2 weeks) and i have been finding myself with a real close (and crazy cat lady-like) connection with my cats.

that is all for now. hopefully i won't wimp out on posting more often.
Current Music: Quiero Que Me Quieras by Gael Garcia // Slough Jams 9/2009

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Date:September 11th, 2009 03:23 pm (UTC)
I've noticed LJ being sleepier lately. Fewer people posting, but also fewer people commenting. Even the people who I know are still posting are not commenting as much. Maybe people just feel listless.

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