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bored to death, not the tv show - AJ!

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September 15th, 2009

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09:48 am - bored to death, not the tv show
ive been really bored lately. there has been some excitement, but overall... boring. i've been reading a lot but ever since finishing Homicide (aka BEST BOOK EVER) Gomorrah (whcih i was suppppper excited to read) has been kinda boring. It's not bad by any means, but it's translated from italian and has a funky kind of style to it. and lots and lots of similes haha. Not quite the perfection of the prose of David Simon. Oh well.

Saturday was pretty fun though, aside from being late and hitting razy traffic. Jenn got some really great portraits of Ashleigh and I can't wait to help set up her new site. I also wish I lived in Santa Ana. I mean, not really... I'm not sure I can live in OC (maybe?) but man, Jenn's place is SO NICE and SO BIG and the same price we pay for a 1BR here... and her complex has ducks! and blue water! hahaha

You always know it's bad times when you get really, really excited about the FedEx guy making a viist. Saturday when we got home we found a "we missed you!" tag on our door from FedEx Home Delivery (waht exactly is the difference?!). I have NO idea what it could be and of course my dreams run wild - a tv! but why would someone ship us a tv and me not know about it? I waited all day monday.. waiitng... excited.. hoping... and it never came! Then i realized it said on the note that FedEx Home Deliver (FEHD from here on out) doesn't deliever on mondays! And I looked up the "Door Tag" number and it said it's 5 pounds and was shipped from Sun Valley , CA... THE MYSTERY CONTINUES!!!!

I turned down going to a dodger game last nigth because i was too tired and cant afford the $15 to park. I got my last unemployement checck but i am expecting my 2nd extension to start but its that limbo time between getting the last check and waiting for the letter to say "ok, extended!"... whcih I hope i get.. um.. soon. Because while I really want a job, I really don't want to work at like.. trader joes again and never see ashleigh or baseball or friends (which i do ALL THE TIME).

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