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mintxcore's Journal

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25 September 1981
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my name is aj.
1-up zine, ac fiorentina, adult swim, andy jenkins, apple, aqua teen hunger force, aquabats, as roma, azzurri, back to the future, belle & sebastian, beulah, bill cosby, bis, boba fett, boca juniors, bottle rocket, buffalo records, bug juice, burnt friedman, calcio, california, california's gold, cantelope, carne asada, cds, chen kenichi, christopher guest, cq, dave eggers, david letterman, devo, diesel sweeties, dirt magazine, douglas coupland, drool magazine, dvds, el gran blablazo, epoxy press, eric bogosian, eric gagne, fiorentina, folk implosion, fraggle rock, francois truffaut, ghostbusters, graphic novels, homemade gloves, homemade sweaters, honey bear cottage, huell howser, in-n-out burger, indiana jones, ipod, iron chef, italia, james kochalka, jeffrey brown, jelly beans, late night v, legos, lente loco, letterman, los angeles dodgers, macintosh, magnetic fields, majestic, mark lewman, mbta, mc chris, metaphors, michael moore, michel gondry, mike schank, mint, morimoto, mothra, movies, mr show, mr t experience, mst3k, music, music video heaven, nerf herder, neutral milk hotel, new wave, new york jets, nico's, north shore, nutella, ocean beach, olympics, packing peanuts, paul frank, paul lo duca, pavement, phish, polyphonic spree, powell peralta, public libraries, pump up the volume, quadrophenia, red line, rocket from the crypt, royksopp, san diego comic con, santa barbara, sealab 2021, skankin pickle, slow century, soccer metaphors, space ghost, spike jonze, spinal tap, star wars, stencils, stephen malkmus, subsonica, sweep the leg, the aquabats, the huxtables, the mothras, the streets, the who, the year 2000, the zoobombs, three's company, tmbg, train vs auto, transformers, uefa, uhf, viva variety, weezer, wes anderson, wilco, world cup, yudi

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